Experience Based Learning (EBL)

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The Experience Based Learning (EBL) is part of our  Corporate Innovative Based (CIB) Education, where interns learn within a working environment.  In fact, WEC is a fully-fledged BPO/GBS that creates jobs in different areas. In this context, WEC will help interns to get experience through real work environment.

Successful applicants will be given similar access like usual WEC staff. They will handle international customers, communicate with them, call them, create cases when needed and do reports. It’s a real-life virtual/remote customer support service. It gives an option to interns to progress into work once appreciated during the EBL and hence employment into remote support.

The EBL program is most of the time supported by big BPO companies and the Government of Rwanda. Hence highest employment opportunities at successful completion. 

If interested at our EBL, you can contact us

Tek Experts & Elev8 Support
Rwanda TVET Board Support

1. Helping our new interns gain real-life experience from workplace and hence gaining a realistic experience that can help them to get job
2. Helping WEC and partner employers in knowing exactly who fits for their support work. It’s a wonderful time to know exactly who is available, who is regular, who attend on time, and whose behavior fits with the organization.
3. Give an option to progress into work once appreciated during the EBL and hence employment into remote support.



The overall experience was excellent. The guidelines provided by the trainers was outstanding. My personal recommendation is that you join WEC if you want to maximize your skills for High Quality Global Digital Jobs.

Mwambutsa Ian Customer Support Agent at WEC

The training has my full satisfaction. It is a thoughtfully constructed course with a practical focus. I am confident that the skills gained will help me grab new Decent Global Digital Jobs Opportunities.

Uwababyeyi Delice EBL Graduate

The instructors were all outstanding, very knowledgable and competent, and they fostered inclusive learning and working environment. I thank WEC for including people with disabilities into the Global Digital World.

Nsanzumukiza Noah Customer Support Agent at WEC

All trainings provided through WEC were top-notch. EBL exposed us to how Global Digital Jobs Operate and I believe with the skills gained, I am competitive at the market for High Quality Global Digital Jobs.

Mugabekazi Beura EBL Graduate