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With more than 150 employees in support, we are capable to provide quickly any type of support services to our new clients. 

We believe in one word with multiple definitions, and that word is IMPACT the society. Here at WEC, excellence is the holy grail of our daily life. Our staff and scholars strive towards innovative solutions that will influence the direction of their fields and the world at large. Currently, at WEC we work on projects that aim to tackle and find answers to some of the world pressing problems.

Our duty is to create an environment for everyone with potentiality and driven by success and prosperity with ambition to make Africa a better, safer place for everyone.  We believe in an environment where every talent is harnessed and every hard work rewarded.

In our usual support activities, we help around 9,000 customers daily. Our success bases on a simple and easy approach “3S: Small, Smart, Strong”. In fact, we are an agile driven organization where we start with a small team for new clients as a piloting phase and most of the time free or at cost. The piloting phase helps all of us to learn and hence implement together a continuous improvement. 

Once together with a client, we all do proper estimates and find an optimal cost-effective scheme to be implemented. All together, we assess a best process that will maintain high quality and minimize all of our expenses. 

Last but not least, we selected Rwanda as our global location based on key fundamental points: 1) Rwanda ranked 2nd for ease of doing business in Africa, 2) it ranked 5th safest place to walk at night worldwide and hence appropriate for all working shifts. We have 24 hours shifts that serve customers from different locations, 3) Rwanda has a cost-effective multilingual workforce in Africa. We have young customer support agents, experienced and well-trained.